Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Tattoo design

I've recently designed a tattoo for myself O(≧▽≦)O  (picture below)
Something I always wanted since 2 years ago, but one thing that changed since then was my thoughts towards having a tattoo... Some people tattoo for others to see (that's what I thought 2 years ago), now I want my tattoo to be a reminder for myself.
I wanted this tattoo to be special and meaningful to me, therefore I started off with playing with words.
are the ones I chose. Why? Because each word has a special meaning to me. (will explain later on in this post)
With these 3 words I then decide to illustrate them. When I brainstorm these 3 words 3 different symbols came to my mind.
With these symbols, I then started to combine them, and after a few hours we have the final design (At top of this post). I had over 10 different kinds of designs just from these 3 words

Meanings to these 3 words, and over all tattoo meaning
Meaning of the 3 words
Love - My love to my family, friends, and people around me. And also the idea of being loved back
Peace - Hoping for a peaceful world and future
Music - Something that cheers me up and allow me to be myself
Overall meaning of tattoo
Nothing's perfect & Nobody's perfect -  Something that I have been told since I was young by my 
                                           parents. I always wanted to be a perfectionist, but my parents kept on
                                           reminding me that it's a one way ticket to unhappiness. 

With the overall tattoo meaning explained, now it's time to explain the design.
How to fit the 3 words into the idea Nothing's perfect & Nobody's perfect?

Love (heart) - To express the idea that loving a person or being loved is a wonderful feeling, but  
                       sometimes it could be heart breaking, thus the empty areas within the heart.
Peace (peace symbol) - The peace symbol in my design is incomplete. (look a picture below), 
                                       and it looks like a radioactive sign.
                                       World in peace seems impossible, from human causes and natural 
                                       disasters. It's all out of our hands!
                                       And the other reason is in the overall picture of the heart and peace
                                       sign, if the last line's drawn in, it would look like the heart is split in

Music (treble clef) - Having a very different body shape to traditional ones (picture below), shows
                                the idea of being unique, different. And to emphasize this idea letter 'A' was
                                used to represent me (using 'A' from Amy).

I had the tattoo done yesterday, since the tattoo is a reminder for myself, I had it done facing me so I can always remind myself!

(v^_^)v   Will post a picture of it in a few weeks (when the tattoo don't look so weird anymore on my forearm).

^0^ The pictures can be enlarged
Art is my life. My life is art...

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